Buying Moroccan Rugs

If you are looking for rugs with a different for your home then why not consider Moroccan rugs? What you will find with Moroccan rugs is that they are made to a fantastic quality, so you can be sure that once you have one of these it will last – giving you great value for money. As these rugs take inspiration from Morocco you get something really different to add to your home. We don’t all want our home to look the same as everyone else’s so investing in Moroccan rugs can be the easy way to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Buying Moroccan rugs is easy – especially as they come in lots of different styles and sizes. It is easy to find something that matches your exact requirements and what you will also usually find is that these Moroccan rugs are so affordable that you won’t have to spend a fortune in order to buy these for your home.

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What Is Insulating Plaster?

If you are thinking of undertaking home improvements and decorating then consideration should be given to the products ,tools and methods that are available to you. There are generally many choices available to you for your DIY project so making the correct decision will make your life easier,give you the results you want and ensure your efforts last longer.

In older properties especially you will commonly find that the walls aren’t as smooth of perfect as you would hope. If the walls are like this then you need to thoroughly prepare them in order to get a decent finish on the walls you want to decorate.

Often the best thing to do is to replaster the surface of the walls. Most of the time this will mean applying a PVA adhesive to the existing wall and then plastering to a smooth finish on top. Walls and ceilings can be treated in this way providing a smooth hard finish ready for decorating

An improvement on this process would be to apply an insulating plaster which conforms to government legislation for thermal efficiency upgrading and is environmentally friendly. Thermal plaster can be used in any circumstance where standard plastering can be and with its natural and insulative components will significantly reduce the amount of heat you loose through the walls.

The key benefits of insulating plaster are the insulative and green qualities and its diversity of project uses both internally and externally. Fully trained applicators are available to help you with all your project requirements.

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UK building sites face tighter regulations

There are thousands of building sites all around the country and a lot of them are soon to be facing safety checks this year after figures for 2010-2011 saw an increase in the amount of fatal deaths. This is the first time that there’d been an increase in these statistics for four years. In 2010-2011 there were 50 people killed and also 2,298 seriously injured. In the last year from 2011 to 2012 there have been 41 people killed on a building site within the United Kingdom.

Building sites can be scruffy and dirty and generally just rather untidy places. Very often there’s nowhere for tools to be stored and they tend to be just left, strewn all over the floor. If there was some sort of storage room or even a storage cupboard from somewhere like for people to keep their tools there wouldn’t be anywhere near as much mess. One example of the lack of consideration on a building site is Jan Deeny. She was left without a husband after thirteen weeks of being married because her husband, Keiron Deeny, fell 30 feet on a building site and his head injuries were so severe that he was pronounced dead on site.

One builder, Paul Davis says he thinks that refurbishment sites are made much more dangerous because of the amount of hidden surprises that they have. Saying that some of the old houses which are worked on you generally cannot see what the problem is with them. He also went on to say another problem for these refurbishment sites is people who only have experience of working on a new build house end up getting sent to work on a refurbishment site and more often than not they don’t know what they’re getting in to as they’ve not got the experience.

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Overhead Doors-Design & Application

The sectional overhead door glides up under the roof when opened, allowing free space around the door opening and leaving the door opening completely free. Sectional Overhead Doors offer a versatile, high security insulated door, perfect for any external industrial application. Different options for track arrangements, operating systems, colours, materials, vision panels and colours offer a huge choice for the specifier.

Ideally suited to industrial applications, the door panels are formed from galvanised steel sheets bonded together with high density C.F.C free polyurethane foam to provide a ‘U’ value of 0.43 W/m2K with thermal break between panels. Vertical and horizontal tracks, hinges, brackets, cappings and hardware are galvanised, with the assembled door running on adjustable galvanised roller carriers, bolted to each individual panel. Each door is counterbalanced by means of tempered helical springs at high level, mounted on bright steel plates with self aligning roller bearings for smooth quiet operation. Cable tensioning devices are fitted as standard to all doors. Rubber seals are fitted to the top and bottom of each door with PVC seals to each side of the opening for protection against weather.

Manual operation is by means of continuous galvanised hand chain, or in smaller cases, ‘push up’ with pull down cord. All manually operated doors are fitted with a recessed lifting handle and spring loaded shootbolt as standard. Electric operation is by means of 415 volts 3Ph. supply drive motor with emergency disconnection and hand chain or push up operation in the event of power failure.

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Oak Flooring FAQ

Why is oak flooring so expensive?

When taken care of, oak flooring can last an entire lifetime. With regular cleaning, felt pads under furniture and a recoat from time to time oak floors can adorn your home and improve its aesthetic value for as long as it is your home. Oak floors can add equity and value to your house, whilst providing the ‘wow factor’ wherever fitted. Oak flooring isn’t a purchase but an investment.

Why should I fit oak flooring in my home?

First of all, wood is a beautiful commodity, complete with warm colours, richness of grain and healthy sheen. But there is more to an oak floor than its aesthetic beauty. Wood is healthy, hardwearing and, as a natural insulator, it is also warm. Oak flooring is also easy to clean, beneficial to people with allergies; but oak flooring can also cause a room to seem bigger, lighter and more impressive; each of which contributes to the value and saleability of a house.

Why is oak flooring healthier?

Oak flooring is natural material and its wood oils have anti-bacterial benefits. Oak floors, unlike carpets and rugs, do not trap and accumulate harmful chemical, fumes, dust-mites and parasites. It is the recommendation of several environmental bodies that carpeted floor be replaced by oak flooring, because carpets harbour dust-mites, whose dung when inhaled can trigger allergies and aggravate asthma.

Estimates place the number of dust mites in one square metre of typical British household carpet between 10,000 and 100,000. Carpets also contain pet allergens, faeces and urine, flea and lice eggs, traces of excreta trodden in from the garden, and high concentrations of toxic dust. A house with oak floors, collects just a tenth the amount of dust found in a carpeted house.

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A Look At Eco Thermal Plaster

If you are building your own home and looking for the best way to insulate it, then it would pay you to look no further than eco thermal plaster as it is one of the most effective ways to insulate any home.

There are many advantages in installing eco thermal plaster in your home. To start with the plaster is weatherproof and breathable which means it prevents mould or condensation from forming, but not only that it is resistant to rotting, vermin and termites making it a great all round plaster. It is also very durable and crack resistant too. The plaster is also made from non-hazardous materials and is completely nontoxic. Many builders are now using eco thermal plaster on their projects as it is one of the best products available on the market.

Also eco thermal plasters are lighter than normal plaster and plasterboard meaning they are easier to install, but they still keep a building strong and resistant. Another important point to note is that eco thermal plaster can be applied at varying degrees of thickness throughout your home. You can apply a thin layer of say 10mm, or if you need a thicker level eco thermal plaster can be applied up to around 40mm, meaning you will get the best thermal efficiency in your home.

More and more people are now becoming concerned about the environment and their high carbon footprint usage. By installing eco thermal plaster in their homes they are now reducing that own carbon footprint and carbon emissions by a staggering 50% in some cases. Also homes that have eco thermal plaster are benefiting from cheaper energy bills from those that do not have it installed, as the plaster is designed to keep the heat in rather than letting it escape. Recent reports suggest that eco thermal plaster can be up to 70% more efficient than normal plaster. If you are concerned at all about the environment and the planet in which we live in then it may pay you to make the switch now.

Eco thermal plaster is easy installed into any home; in fact it is installed in the same way as any other normal plaster would be. Some experienced builders would say that is actually easier to mix and apply than a more regular plaster. It can be applied to walls, but it can also be applied to ceilings just as easily.

If you are concerned about your rising energy bills, or just concerned about the environment it may pay you to have your home re-plaster with eco thermal plaster. Ask your local builder if he uses it. He may be able to offer you a free no obligation quote on any work you may need completing at your home. You can also check the internet as well as there are many sites that now offer free quotes and site surveys.

By having eco thermal plaster applied to your home you are not only helping the environment, but you can also save yourself some money on your energy bills, so make that call now.

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What Home Remedies Should You Keep in Bathroom Cabinets?

Lots of us keep some sort of first aid kit in our house, and the bathroom is a place where this is commonly kept. However, if you would prefer to avoid having too many pills and lotions in there then maybe these home remedies could suit.


This is a great plant which can be used to treat skin infections, upset stomaches, ulcers and lots of other things besides. If you can grow some in your garden then this is a great way to always have some to hand. Otherwise, you could buy some camomile tea for the kitchen and keep some dried camomile and flowers in bags in your bathroom cabinets for other uses. It is easy to get hold of these days and if you use it in cups of tea then you will find that it has a pleasant and rather subtle taste which certainly beats swallowing a pill or putting on some sort of ointment onto your skin.

Manuka Honey

You might think that the kitchen is the best place for honey and you would usually be right. Having said that, Manuka honey has properties which make it great for healing cuts and blisters. It has also been suggested that if you are recovering from a viral infection then taking a small amount a couple of times a day could help speed up the process.

Olive Oil

This is another product which usually belongs in the kitchen but which can do a great job for you in other situations too. If you suffer from a build up of ear wax then this will affect your hearing after a while. Instead of buying products from the chemist to clear the wax you can use olive oil instead and do the same job.

Of course, these are just a few of the popular types of home remedy which you can find online these days. They are becoming more popular with families looking for a safe and natural way to treat their ailments and feel better.

Apart from these you will also want to use your bathroom cabinets for storing some beauty products and some essential such as your dental hygiene products. This doesn’t mean that they have to be boring, plain places where you just throw things out of sight. No matter whether you keep honey, olive oil or dried camomile flowers in them you can still make them attractive and pleasant to look at.

Don’t forget that this part of the house is a room which is vitally important, as people often see going for a bath or a shower as a chance to relax and get away from the world and its problems for a spell. This means that it makes sense to make it a welcoming and pleasant place where everyone in the family will feel happy spending some time now and then.

This mix of practicality and aesthetics is what most of us look for in our bathrooms, and if you manage this trick then you will keep your family health and happy at the same time.

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Suffolk Church Raises Enough Money For New Roof Repair Costs

A 14th century church in Suffolk has had a broken roof and damaged roof tiles for the past two years because they have been unable to afford to fix it. However, after receiving endless donations and grants over the past couple of years, the church has now raised enough money to repair the impairment.

St Mary’s Church in Tuddenham St Mary suffered the roof damage when capping stones fell off during the night and it has affected funeral services at the church because uneven ground led the coffin-bearers to re-route. What is more, there have been fears that the roof could leak in water and that the stones on the opposite side of the building could fall off.

But local roofing contractors can now be hired to carry out the repair work after the £20,000 funding target was reached and the work has been deemed extremely important because the church is at the centre of the village.

Grants were given from the Historic Churches group as well as The Wolfson Foundation and Lord Belstead; and a further £1000 was raised by hosting a concert last summer. Work on the roof is now expected to be completed by the summer and the donations could not have come at a better time due to the recent harsh weather in the UK. Sharp frosts or heat can loosen the tiles even more, so the repair job will ensure that this doesn’t happen and there will no longer be a danger of anything falling off. A new roof cost can be fairly expensive but it is vital that you mend any broken tiles to avoid any nasty accidents as well as leaks.

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Philips Domestic Appliances

When it comes to electronics Philips is one of the largest companies in the world. It is the most well-known and reputed manufacturer and distributor of Consumer Electrical Goods. It has multiple sectors like Philips Consumer Lifestyle (earlier Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care), Philips Lighting and Philips Healthcare (earlier Philips Medical Systems).

A glance into the history of the organisation

Philips started off as a family business in 1891, being founded by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips. From an empty factory building the Philips family built up the Philips Incorporation, the large multinational company of future. While Frederik Philips and his elder son Gerard founded the company, the younger son of Frederick, Anton Philips made his entry as a sales representative. Together they expanded the company to what is seen today.

Philips Domestic Appliances is one of the major sectors of Philips with a wide variety of appliances. Overtime, Philips has grown to become a major player in the Domestic Appliance market by incorporating technological advancement with innovative design. Today Philips Domestic Appliances include a great range of Steam Irons, Mixers, Kettles, Blenders, Food Processors, , Toasters,  and more. Steam Irons are the notable range in the Philips Domestic Appliances group. These include a wide range of Iron ranging from the models like the Philips GC284 SteamGlide Iron which is a modest entry to the major powerhouses such as the Philips GC8420 Steam Generator. Another of the major innovations in the range from the Philips Domestic Appliances group is the Philips SteamGlide Soleplate. This highly effective Ceramic Soleplate ensure easy gliding across any fabrics for easy ironing.

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How to Install a Basement Sump

If you have a good solid floor in your basement then 99 per cent of the time you will find that water will be entering your basement through the “wall/floor” junction fillet. This for many reasons is the weakest point in an existing basement. The easiest way of ensuring that you are getting the water at that point is to incorporate a perimeter channel around all the earth retaining basement walls. The channel can be installed in a variety of different ways but in a existing basement it is common to cut a chase around the perimeter of the basement at least 50mm deep and up to 100 mm wide and sit the channel on 20mm stone to level. This creates a “ring main” to capture water and easily guide it into the basement sump for removal. Be sure to consult with a waterproofing professional or structural engineer if you are cutting into the slab that you are not undermining the property.

Installing the basement sump can then be achieved by either forming a concrete box when pouring the slab or cutting out an existing slab to fit the chamber. Standard chamber sizes are around 600 x 600 x 600 so try and make the hole bigger to get some lean mix concrete underneath to level the chamber and you may also need to put in coach bolts through the side of the chamber to anchor it in to prevent it lifting. If you in an extremely wet water situation with water pouring into your basement sump whilst your fitting it you may need to dig a smaller deeper chamber adjacent to dewater. It is always recommended to have a manual pump and flexible hose close in case you need to quickly remove water.

Where there is curing concrete there is also a risk of limescale coming out of the concrete when coming in touch with water so a lime scale inhibitor is recommended to put into the lean mix prior to concreting in the chamber.

Be sure to establish your internal finished floor level prior to concreting in the chamber as it is very difficult to change this once the concrete has cured. It is also recommended that you know what your floor finish is so you can choose the appropriate lid for your basement sump.

Be very careful not to perforate the sump chamber at low level! This could mean that your pumps are de watering under the slab constantly which in not only unnecessary but can also lesson the life of your basement sump pump system. So once the basement sump is in you will need to make connections from the perimeter channel to feed water in and 3 conduits to feed the electrics and allow for the water to be pumped up and away. In all basement sump situations it is important to recognise that the time you will need your basement sump to work the most could be in a power cut situation so it is advisable to have pumps and one protected by battery back up protection.

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